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Pre Testosterone

Facial Hair
I started shaving on my 20th birthday (Jan. 24, 2002) to get rid of the notorious "peach fuzz." Besides feeling more "grown up," I thought it might help me pass -- guys past puberty don't have peach fuzz, so why should I? When I first started, I shaved only once per week max, as to not extremely irritate my skin. They say that, contrary to popular opinion, shaving does not make your hair grow in thicker, but (and it may have been my imaginiation), it seemed to me like every time it grew back it, it was definitely more coarse, yet still very blonde. For me, the hair definitely grows back more quickly and I could shave probably twice per week. Generally, I still shave once per week or week and a half, simply because I'm busy and lazy. I realize this will have to change once I start to grow darker, thicker hair, and I'll have to make time for shaving! But I don't mind. And I'm kind of looking forward to it. My dad has a very full beard so I'm expecting eventual full-beard potential growth.

Body Hair
I was a very blonde child so most of my body hair (arms, legs, chest) is currenly very light in color. I shaved my legs only once or twice in 9th grade, but I quickly stopped that nonsence when I realized peer pressure was a dumb reason to do it. In reality, the only place you can really see my leg hair is at the bottom near my ankles where it's a bit darker. I suppose T will darken up my current leg hair. I grew my underarm hair out about a year and a half ago (Summer 2001), and it's a light-to-medium brown color. I'm gussing that T might thicken it up a bit and make it a little more wide-spread. My pubic hair is a darker brown color and extends about an inch and a half down past my whitie-tighties down my leg. I'm expecting my pubic hair to signifcantly grow even more down my leg and probably up towards my belly button. As for my chest, my current blonde hair is pretty long and comes together right on my chest bone (same goes for my happy trail). I'm willing to bet this is where my first long, dark hairs are going to come in on my body. My dad (who I take after a lot), doesn't have much chest hair, so I'm hoping I take after him regarding body hair.

Body Shape
Most don't believe it, but I have very "womanly" hips...I just wear my clothes so you can't tell. I carry most (if not all) of my body fat in my ass, literally. I certainly don't carry it in my chest, because I am a small A. My chest is so small that I generally don't have to bind to pass, especially in the winter. With T, I'm hoping some of my ass fat will move to my middle to even it out a little.

Sadly, I don't have much muscle. I took weight training one semester at school, and, even though I worked out three times per week, I gained only a little muscle, nothing really defined. Although I do stretches for my back, I'm still not especially limber, in fact, I'm still pretty tight. I'm hoping T will help me build a little more muscle than I have. I'm also hoping it will allow me to build even more muscles in my back to help with my posture and back pain.

As a teenager, I had horrible acne. I went on the pill for a couple of years, and that helped a lot. Unfortunately, my acne came back once I went off the pill. I tried going back on the pill, but it kept giving me recurring yeast infections. So, I've just been dealing with it. Shaving seemed to irritate it until I started using Aubrey Organics products. I do a three-step process, using their Facial Cleanser, Facial Astringent, and Oil Balancing Moisturizer, all for oily skin. It doesn't cure my acne completely or at all times, but I have noticed that shaving now does not make my skin any worse. Of couse, I'm expecting T to make my acne even worse, and perhaps I'll step up to using my three-step process twice per day and see how that affects my acne.

I currently have a very feminine/woman voice. When I answer the phone, most people think I am my girlfriend. You can hear my Pre-T voice here. Obviously, I expect T will lower my voice (yay!) so I will actually think the person talking is myself.

As with most trannyboys, this is also known as The Bane of My Existance. Ever since I was 12, I have had a very, very heavy and long (we're talking 8-10 days here) period, and the pill did not do much with regards to lightening or shortening it. The closer I get to startingT, the more sporadic it is, meaning once month it will be extremely heavy and painful and the next will be shorter and lighter. I have a feeling this is just my body preparing itself for the changes that are about to happen. I know it sounds crazy, but I think my body knows that I'm about to start T, and this is its way of dealing with that. I've heard that mentration stops about two or three months into T, and I'm hoping that will be the way it is for me. There is no such thing as too soon.

I've never been an extremely sexual person, but I have a feeling that is about to change! I'm finding that the more I get into this and the more I dissociate with my physical body, the more stone I get. My first priority has always been pleasing my partner, but the more stone I get, the more pleasing my partner is my only priority, if that makes any sense at all. I'm a litle worried about the dichotomoy of getting more sexual but being able to share my body less. But, nonetheless, I'm optomistic about it because I know this is the right thing is all respects.

The "little guy"
To be quite honest, it's currently not all that "little." Granted, I've seen only five or so in person to compare mine to, but I do know that my hood/clitoris area is significantly larger than any of those I've seen. Sometimes I wonder if that was my body trying to form a baby's penis in utero, but that's probably silly to even think. Regardless, I'm expecting T to have a signifcant effect on the "little guy." I'm not keen on it growing too much but I'll be happy with whatever happens. It is currently about 1cm long.