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Eight Months on T
January 21, 2004

Facial Hair
Sadly, no sideburns this month either. But the hair on my chin is really coming in think and prickly! I noticed something else fun this month. For a couple of months now, the hair on my "soul patch" area has been coming in also pretty prickly, but it always looked really light blonde. But I realized that, just like my mustache hair, it looks really light from some angles, and really dark from other angles. That was exciting, because I thought that it looked only light colored from all angles.

Body Hair
Most of my body hair (including, I noticed this month, on my butt) has grown in a cetain way. It has grown longer, then slowly gotten darker, until I end up with a lot of dark long hairs. But the hair on my inner thighs seems to grow in in rows or short darks hairs. It's skipping the long, blonde phase and going right to growing in as dark hairs. I have no explaination, it was just something I noticed.

Body Shape
The only thing I've noticed for sure is that I'm getting quite a belly. And, I'm sure it could just be the way I did my laundry once, but I feel like all my clothes have shrunk...

I definitely feel stronger, and I'm just itching to get into the gym. I can really feel the definition in my arms, and I haven't even been working out.

My topical stuff is helping I think. It's hard to tell because I still have a lot of little acne everywhere, but I can pretty much avoid getting huge ones if I use the topical cream regularly. I'm not super happy with my acne situation, especially on my back and chest, but I'm going to start using the cream in those other areas to see if that helps.

Perhaps a little drop this month, but again, it's hard to tell now that I think it's done it's biggest change. I still get ma'am-ed on the phone quite a bit, but I pass in person more than half the time.

I get morning wood just about every morning, but I'm able to control it. And it's not difficult by any means to get me in the mood anytime.

The "little guy"
I thought he might be done growing for a while, but he measures in at about 5 1/2 cm this month. Not much change from last month, but what it was I think was in length.

This might not be T related, but it seems like I've recently been able to feel and do things to the fullest. For example, when something is bugging me, it's really bugging me. Or when I'm relaxing, I'm really relaxing. It feels kind of like I've been allowing myself to feel the emotion or circumstance that I'm currently at. I guess I don't really know how to explain it other than that.