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Seven Months on T
December 20, 2003

Facial Hair
Not too much change to report here. I've been putting the T that's left in the syringe after the shot onto my sideburn areas. I've been putting it on my chin for the last month or so and now I have a few dark hairs there. I know it's really for intramuscular use, but I figured it couldn't hurt.

Body Hair
The hair on the inside of my thighs has really taken off. Other than that, not much new here either this month.

Body Shape
I feel like I've seen a pretty big change in my fat distribution this month. Or perhaps I'm just gaining it more in my stomach/love handles area, because those areas are definitely larger, and my thighs/butt don't seem much smaller.

Muscle development has been the most noticable change this month, even though I've still been a bum and not worked out at all. I've noticed it mostly in my arms.

I stared using the precription topical treatment Benzaclin about three weeks ago. It seems to help as long as I keep on a very strict schedule using it. I wanted to try oral antibiotics, but I'm afriad that it might cause a yeast infection, which I am very prone to.

I feel like it has dropped since last month. But when I listen to my voice clips, I feel like it hasn't. I've noticed that even though my voice cracks all the time, and I can't hold a note at all, I love to sing out loud. In the past, I never sang not because I couldn't hit the note but because I couldn't stand to hear my voice.

My orgasms have become explosive. Period.

The "little guy"
He is very very sensitive, more than ever. He hasn't grown much in length (he's now at 5 1/5 cm), but it's as if the head especially is getting wider or something. I also noticed the other day that other parts down there are getting bigger (i.e. 'inner labia'), which I'm not too keen on...makes everything feel a little more "female."

With the onset of finals, I found myself not very able to deal with increased stress. I was extremely stressed out (which I'm sure is not T related as I always get very stressed about exams), but I had difficulty controlling and managing the stress. I got angry and frusterated very quickly, before I would even realize it. I don't find this a problem on a day-to-day basis, but when I was stressed out, it became very apparent.

Body temperature -- I don't know if this could be T related, but I'm not nearly as cold as I was, say for the past couple years. I used to be so cold all the time that I would have to wear my down jacket just sitting in class. So far this winter it has been very cold and snowy, and I notice that I'm not getting as cold as easily. Perhaps it is just a coincidence, and if you ask me in the middle of January I'll have a different take.