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Six Months on T
November 23, 2003

Facial Hair
Yes, I finally have some chin hair. About three little dark ones at least. But no sideburns yet. I haven't noticed much change in terms of my mustache. The hair everywhere else on my face seems to be much, much thicker, but definitely not darker.

Compared to Pre-T, I obviously have a lot more facial hair now. Before T, I used to shave once every two weeks or so just to get rid of the peach fuzz. Now I have to shave at least once per week, though twice per week would keep it from ever looking funny as if I were trying to grow it out. My mustache area is the most filled-in, I have only a couple chin hairs, and no sign of sideburns yet. All of the other hair on my face has also changed texture from "peach fuzz" to much, much thicker.

Body Hair
Some new long, dark hairs are sprouting on the tops of my legs, closer to my pubes. Also, you can see the hair on my belly, to each side of my belly button, getting a bit darker and longer. It is starting to get a "flow" or growth pattern to it.

In relation to Pre-T, my leg hair is darker, longer, and thicker, even on the back of my calves, which is just starting to fill in. Belly hair is getting thicker, with some sparse, yet obvious, happy trail action. I now have hair on my feet, toes, and buttcrack. I also have a unibrow (but I let Caitlin pluck it).

Body Shape
I haven't noticed as drastic of a change in body shape this month. Perhaps the belly is increasing, but I don't think that fat is migrating from my hips/butt area, because those seem the same. I did gain a little weight this month so I guess that makes sense.

Compared to Pre-T, my hips have squared out a little bit, but I've noticed most of the change to be the filling out in my back/sides area.

I'm still living a fairly sedentary lifestyle because I don't want to do anything that might harm my chest healing. So, by default, no muscle development. I'm trying to be patient, but it's getting harder.

In relation to Pre-T, I'm definitely stronger and have more stamina in my muscles, but I haven't "beefed up" due to not working out at all.

The acne on my back has gotten a little better. I'm thinking that might be because I don't have to wear my chest binder nearly as much. I'm still considering an antibiotic for it, but since I'm prone to yeast infections, I'm kind of weary about going that way.

Compared to Pre-T, my facial acne hasn't gotten overall that much worse, because I always had fairly bad facial acne. However, I have much more back, chest, and upper arm acne than from Pre-T.

I don't think it dropped as much as I felt it did this month. Perhaps that's just the particular recordings I did, but it did change nonetheless. Take a listen here.

When I listen to Pre-T compared to this month, it just blows me away. Before T, I never passed on the phone, ever. Now I pass on the phone probably 20% of the time. In person, before T, I never passed after I opened my mouth. Now, I pass about 50% of the time in person, even after speaking. I don't think I've gotten the "oh, I'm so sorry, ma'am" comment after speaking in at least a month or two.

Two words: morning and wood. It's true and very real, folks. And I've always known that I liked (other people's) breasts, but this is insane.

In relation to Pre-T, my primary satisfaction still comes from pleasing my partner, but I definitely have had an increase in libido. I don't think I've experienced the "libido explosion" some FTMs describe.

The "little guy"
No huge news in this area. The head definitely is sticking out more, but he still measures about 5cm. How that works, I have no idea, that's just the facts of it.

Compared to Pre-T, he's grown at least 4 times Pre-T size, though I think he was fairly "large" to begin with.

I think the biggest mentality change I have noticed overall is my style of arguing. I hesitate to say that I'm more aggressive, because I don't find myself more quick to anger or more willing to get in an argument. Rather, I feel like I'm more of an active arguer, instead of a passive one. For example, I used to just keep my mouth shut and take whatever someone was saying to me. But now, I'm much more active in that it's easier to say whatever I'm thinking. It's much harder to remember to take that split second before I open my mouth to think is it a good idea to say this or not? or what is going to be the reaction I get from this statement? Instead, I'll just spit it out (and many times regret it). In a way, it's really relieving, because I feel like I'm letting out the emotions I've always supressed, but in another way, it has major consequences on my relations with the people I'm arguing with. I'm working on it, and I have a feeling I will be for the rest of my life.

Belly button -- I never used to get belly button lint, ever. Now I have to pull it out in strings. Literally.