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Sixty-Five Months on T
October 5, 2008

Facial Hair
The past two years between this and the previous update have resulted in slightly denser hair in the sideburn regions, but not nearly enough to actually grow without looking obviously disconnected from my actual hair. However, I am finally able to grow a goatee, and it has become my "standard" facial hair pattern.

Body Hair
My chest hair has definitely filled in much more and what used to be a few scraglers on my back are starting to spread...and even threatening to join the chest hair over my shoulders! Ew. I don't do much about it besides pluck the ones I can see.

Body Shape
I recently lost some weight (156 lbs. --> 135 lbs.) with diet and exercise, and I definitely like how my body looks and feels after the loss, though I think that has more to do with the actual weight loss and less about gender presentation. The one place that refused to decrease in size was the hips/buttocks area, and at 135 lbs. (a bit skinny for my height, actually), I feel like it should be less female-looking that it is. I began a gym routine, kept up with it for quite some some time, and was definitely seeing results in my chest and arms; I'm not working out as much as I had at the beginning, due to my academic program picking up speed (as always). If I had kept up with it, I think (or rather hope) that I would have begun to see hip/buttocks changes as well in time. It will happen one day, because I am committed to seeing it happen, eventually. I've started and stopped on this process more times than I can count with both hands, and I'm finally accepting that being in veterinary school just isn't conducive to getting my body in the shape I desire.

Again, working out was definitely beginning to show results, certainly much faster than ever before, especially before being on testosterone.

Over the past 2-3 years, my acne has been slowly but surely spreading to more parts of my body (upper back, lower back, upper arms, lower arms), and I've seen many dermatologists that just throw another topical treatment or systemic antibiotic at me. During this time, my baseline skin oiliness has skyrocketted for some reason, and it's gotten to the point where I can virtually saturate a napkin at 3 o'clock in the afteroon with just the oil on my face. I am expecting to start Accutane/Isotretinoin soon to hopefully help this situation once and for all. There certainly is the possibility that it won't work right away, or at all for that matter. However, even if it just decreases my baseline oil production, I will deem that a success.

No noticeable changes.

Ever since starting on subcutaneous injections about a year ago, I've noticed that my libido is noticibly increased 2-3 days after I do my injection and slightly decreased when I am due for a shot or slightly late for one.

The "little guy"
I guess this category no longer really applies since I had bottom surgery a little over a year ago.

Similar to the libido category, I've noticed that ever since starting on subcutaneous injections about a year ago, I've noticed that I get a little grumpy and impatient when I'm (over)due for a shot. Sometimes I just forget to do it, then I'll notice that I've been rather grumpy for a couple days - and alas, I'm overdue. It's rather interesting that I never experienced any cyclical effects like this when I did intramuscular injections.