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Four Months on T
September 27, 2003

Facial Hair
I don't think there has been any noticible change in facial hair within the last month. I expected the mustache area to fill in a little more, but I don't think it has. Still no sign of side burns or chin hair.

Body Hair
I'm noticing more dark, long hairs on my happy trail and extending down my legs from my pubic hair. When I think about it, my legs are noticibly more hairier than they were pre-T, especially the back of my legs where I used to grow basically no hair at all. I can't really comment on the chest hair situation since I had to shave it all off for chest surgery and it is just barely growing back in. However, I noticed this month that I have a lot of new hair in my butt crack...ew.

Body Shape
I think my body shape has changed more this month than any other yet, but I'm wondering if I feel that way because it really has or becausing having chest surgery has allowed me to feel that way. Obviously, my chest has changed shape, but I also feel like my hips are beginning to square out a little (I hope!).

I haven't done any muscle training at all because of chest surgery. Since my chest is still somewhat swollen, I can't really tell if anything has changed there or not. It's also been difficult to flex my biceps because it strains my chest muscles.

Same horrid acne on my face is still plaguing me. The acne on my back and chest has gotten a lot worse, but I'm not sure if that's solely due to the T or if it's partially being caused by having the wear the post-op binder 24-7. Probably a little of both.

Even I have noticed another drop in my voice this month. Everytime I think it hasn't changed in a while, I just listen to my weekly clips, and I realize that it really is still changing (thank goodness). I hope it doesn't stop dropping anytime soon, because I'd like it to go a little (or a lot!) lower than it is now.

It's finally happened. This past month I have definitely started to feel the "urgency" to have sex/get off. It's been rather difficult lately because my chest has been hurting, but the want is there for sure. However, it hasn't exceeded my first priority of pleasing my partner. I'm curious to see if it ever will.

The "little guy"
He continues to grow in length and girth, though more in length this month. He now sticks out somewhat from my "nuts," if you know what I mean. He is currently about 5cm long.

To be quite honest, I've been so focused on chest surgery and healing from that this past month, I haven't taken much notice about mentality changes due to the T. It contines to get harder to multi-task, even taking notes in class while listening to the lecture at the same time.