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One Month on T
June 15, 2003

Facial Hair
Upon careful examination, I found four black short dark hairs on my upper lip. I'm not sure if they've always been there or not, but I've never noticed them before. Other than that, the peach fuzz is definitely growing in thicker and faster, especially on my upper lip. I haven't started shaving more frequently because I've been lazy and very busy, but I've definitely noticed that I could shave more often and actually have something to shave off.

Body Hair
The only place I've noticed significantly more body hair is on my legs. The hair on my calfs is longer and darker, the blonde hairs are turning more brown. I've always had this one really long nipple hair, and now another shorter dark one is right next to it. I guess it could be a coincidence.

Body Shape
I haven't noticed much change in body shape in the hip or belly area yet. I feel like my shoulders are wider, or perhaps my posture is just getting better.

I've actually seen a lot of changes in my muscle tone, and I haven't been doing anything differently regarding exercising, lifting, etc. The muscles in my chest are more prominent, and I can actually flex them. My arm muscles have also gotten bigger with no building effort. I can now actually make a muscle and others can see it. It seems as if the bicep muscle has extended to my shoulder and down to my elbow, whereas it was just a tiny lump in the middle of my arm before.

I have definitely noticed that my face is more oily, and my acne has gotten a little worse. However, my acne always gets worse in the summer (so I expected a compounding effect to make it much, much worse), but it hasn't gotten any worse than it usually does by this time of year. Same goes for my chest/back...it always gets worse in the summer and I haven't yet seen the compounding effect I was expecting.

As I expected, I am very anxious for this to change. Everyone has told me that they can hear a big difference, but I think it's going so slowly for me that I just can't hear it as much as someone on the outside looking in. You can't really hear any difference between the weekly clips, but I can tell it lowered a little when I listen to the Pre T and One Month clips. Take a listen here.

My cycle came and went normally, as expected. However, it won't come anymore, because I had a full hysterectomy on June 11th. Although my normal cycle won't be coming anymore, I will be bleeding/spotting for a couple weeks after the surgery. It's a tradeoff. I'm really interested to know how everything changes after this surgery.

Unlike what I've read from other guys, I haven't experienced an increase in the need to get off. However, I have definitely noticed a majorly increased desire to please my partner. I'm a lot faster to say yes and be ready to go, that's for sure.

The "little guy"
Quadrupled in growth is an understatement. The hood has gotten longer and much fatter, and I've been joking that I'm going to end up with a short, fat schlong. The actual clitoris has gotten much, much bigger and kind of decended down to the opening of the hood, which is something I wasn't expecting. It is currently about 2.3cm long.

I've had a lot of fear about how I will control/manage my anger, because I've never done it in the past, I've just dismissed it or ignored it. I haven't had a problem with anger, but I've found it much, much harder to be as patient as I've always been. Patience is something that is very important to me (so important I've been thinking of incorporating it into a new tattoo) so I've found this difficult to deal with. I find I need to sometimes just stop and take a 10 second breather so I can continue being patient, which is a foreign feeling to me.

Body Odor -- I sweat and stink much more than I used to. In the past, no matter how much I would sweat, I would never actually perspirate above the capacity of my deodorant. I haven't changed products, and now I end up with wet underarms.