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Fourteen Months on T
July 25, 2004

Facial Hair
I have quite the patch of dark hairs where my chin and neck meet, but the dark hairs on my actual chin area are sparse. I have a few random dark hairs on both sides of my jaw line, but still no side burns even worth getting the magnifying glass out for.

Body Hair
My happy trail is very happy, so happy it has finally started to darken the hairs on my chest on my breast bone. I've also been surprised by the massive amounts of butt hair I've been growing. Attractive, right?

Body Shape
Despite my gym presence, no real change in body shape to speak of. I can tell I've lost some of the belly fat that was bothering me before, but my hips are still large and in charge. Hopefully this will improve with more gym time and continuing my healthy diet.

Also despite going to the gym, I haven't increased in muscle mass as much as I was expecting. I haven't noticed much change in about a month. I'm kicking it up to heavier weights/less reps in hopes of some improvement here.

I've seen the most improvement in this area over the past two months. I'm still on a prescription benzoyl peroxide 8% shower wash, 100mg minocycline twice per day, and a diflucan every two weeks (yeast infection prevention). I just had a follow-up dematologist apointment, and she gave me some Retin-A cream for my face, back, chest, and arms to help with new acne and the pigmentation caused by old acne. Although my face is very oily, I feel like I've been breaking out less, and my face is overall less red.

I can't really tell that much of a difference in my voice month to month, but I will continue to record it for a little while longer for comparison.

I masturbate a lot. That's what guys do, right? I find it helps me concentrate and/or go to sleep, which ever I'm needing at the moment.

The "little guy"
Not much change from last month, he still measures in at about 5 1/2 cm.

I've really tried to savor being comfortable in my own skin this summer, especially now that I'm passing at least 80% and finally go swimming in public places. It's amazing, it really is. I admit I am still having trouble mentally with some issues, such as facial hair, my hips/waist, and my chronic swelling in my chest, but when I'm feeling down or self-concious about those things, I find myself thinking about all the transguys that can't, for whatever reason, do what I've done. And that only makes me want more to take off my shirt and jump in the freezing cold lake, because I feel like I owe it to them and to myself to celebrate what I have. Overall, I am happier than I have ever been with my body and myself. I'm both lucky and proud of what I've accomplished, and I don't think I would trade it for the world.