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location:  Transition  >  Sex Marker Change  >  Social Security Card

I waited to change the sex marker on my social security card until I had my passport changed and in hand, because I needed to use it as a form of ID. In order to apply for a corrected card, you have to provide proof of identity, using two forms of identification that have already had the sex designation changed. I went down to the Social Security Office with my new passport and driver's license and filled out an Application for a Social Security Card. When a friend of mine went through this process, they took his application and sent him a new card in the mail (even though the new card looks the same as there is no sex marker on the card). However, the lady I talked to simply took my application, made photocopies of my IDs, and changed it right then and there in the system. She printed me a confirmation sheet listing my name, sex, ID number, etc. So I did not get a new card, but she verified to me that she had changed my sex designation in the system.

The whole process was slightly sketchy so I am still a bit worried that it hasn't acurately been changed. I'm sure it has, but since it can affect so many important things in life I'm currently trying to figure out a way I can get someone to run a Social Security check on me without blatently asking if my sex has been changed in the system.