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After I got the sex marker changed on my birth certificate, I wanted to get a new passport issued, considering my past one was from when I was 13. To begin, I found my local office that issues passports, specifically one that also takes photos on-site because I didn't want to have to make two trips. So, in mid-April 2005, armed with my old passport, legal name change court order, letter from my chest surgeon, affidavit from my hysterectomy surgeon, and new birth certificate, I went down to the office to apply for a new passport in my current name and corrected sex designation marker.

I thought I would be applying for a renewal, but since my old one was issued before I was 16, it had already expired; the woman helping me claimed I should just apply for a new passport, and not a renewal. I was charged the $67 "passport fee and security surcharge," a $30 "execution fee," and $12.50 for the two required photos. They took my old passport, both letters from my surgeons, and my name change court order and claimed I should get them all back, with a new passport in my current name and correct sex designation within six weeks, or by the end of May 2005.

Sure enough, after about four weeks, I received my new passport with my correct, legal name and my corrected sex designation along with all of the documents I had given them. They also returned my old passport (for keepsake?). You might notice under the "Amendments" section, it says See Page 24; there is nothing on page 24, it is simply a blank page with the title Amendments at the bottom so I am not sure why that is there or if it is on all Passports. The final product (click to view larger in a new window):