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For a long time I was waiting to change the sex on my health insurance until they paid for my hysterectomy. By the time all of those charges were sorted out, I had about six months left on that insurance, because it was through my undergraduate school. I decided to forego the battle it would be to get it changed with them and just sign up as male with my new insurance carrier. I currently have health insurance with the veterinary school I am attending, and I assume I am male on it (the form I filled out to sign up did not have a sex marker question on it). Because of my name, I think they probably signed me up as male. However, I still need to verify this, because the health insurance office is closely associated with the financial aid office, who I had to tell about being FTM in order to get more aid to cover my single room. The only reason I would be female on my current health insurance would be if the financial aid office had told them something, which is unlikely. Checking on this is currently on my To Do list.