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Morris Designs -- "Fine compression wear"

T-Kingdom -- "Since 1999 we have been making and selling clothes for tomboys, FTM and anyone else who want to flatten their chest."

Title Nine Sports -- Good souce for binders, particularly the Frog Bra and Tadpole Bra

Underworks -- Good source for binders, particularly the Double Front Compression Shirt and Tri-top Chest Binder


Camouflage Prosthetics -- "We endeavour to make available to the FTM Community, the best possible penile prostheses found anywhere in the world."

Freshette -- "A revolutionary modern restroom alternative designed to give every woman the freedom we deserve."

Grand Opening -- sell Mr. Limpy

Mango Products -- "Proud to present a full line of FTM prostheses for pre-op ftm guys as well as post-op men with metoidioplasty or phalloplasty."

The Pissin' Passin' Packer -- "Finally a dick that's comfortable and soft to pack, looks like a real dick under casual inspection, and can be pissed through."

Toys in Babeland -- makers of the Soft Pack and Cock Sock

Travel Mate -- "A non-invasive urinary devices that enable females to easily pee through the fly of their pants while standing."

Vixen Creations -- "...the world's premiere manufacturer of silicone sex toys since 1992."