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Partners of TG -- "...an open space for partners of transgender people to share thoughts, be candid, ask questions, give answers, challenge each other and vent without fear."

Bois Room -- "...for just about any, however targeted at bois, dykes, butches, trans , gender queer, etc."

Disabled Trans -- "A harassment free zone for Disabled Transpeople to talk to each other for support."

The Open FTM Community -- "This community is open to all self-identified FTM individuals or FTM questioning individuals, as well as their friends, partners and supporters."

FTM Forum -- "...for support, advice, information about Trans-related topics, questions about gender, personal connections with other FTMs, and anything else FTM-related that you can think of."

FtMen -- "...for those who were female born who now identify as male and have pursued or are actively pursuing steps to solidify that identity either socially, physically or both."

FTM Students -- "...for any female-bodied gender queers within the college community. This community includes everyone who wants to be included (FTM transsexuals, bigendered, third gendered, gender queer, etc.)."

Queer FTM -- "...for queer identified FTM individuals. How you define FTM and queer is up to you."

Testosterone Community -- "...for people (FTM, MTM, genderqueer, intersex, or whatever category you fall under) who are taking testosterone as a part of gender transition."

Trans People of Color -- "...a discussion forum, a community, an information exchange center, an advice network, a support system, a family, and friends" for trans people of color.

Trans Academics -- "If you are worried about college, graduate school, or life because of your gender identity tell us your worries! We understand. Let us be your support group."

Trans Feminism -- "...a trans-positive space for the discussion of the intersections of trans and feminist identities/communities. All gender identities are welcome here."

Trans News -- "...an open forum for people to post and discuss news articles, bulletins, etc. related to the transgender and genderqueer community."

Trans Pauper -- "Poor and transgender or genderqueer."

Trans Youth -- "Transgender youth speak out."

Yahoo Groups

blackftms -- "A group for all the Black and African Diasporic FTM brothers out there who want to share info and support and tips etc on issues that are most relevant to us. Like how it is to transistion into a Black man in Toronto etc."

EthnicFTM -- "This group is for all categories of Transmen/FtMs/masculine identified, female born/IS persons who are out of the mainstream, inhabiting ethnic and/or religious minorities. This would include, but not be limited to, Black/African American or Afro-Carribean (African diaspora), Hispanic/Latino, members of the Jewish diaspora, Muslim/Moslem, Asian, AmIndian/Native American/First Nation, Mestizo, Pacific Islander, French-Canadian or any other ethnic identity that does not fit well into the mainstream of available FtM discussion groups."

FtM-trans -- "Founded in 1999, FtM-trans is the oldest and largest general FtM peer support list/forum/website online. We pride ourselves on offering assistance, fellowship and information to FtM (Female to Male) or MtM transgendered, transsexual, intersexed, genderqueer, and questioning individuals in a safe and supportive environment."

FtM-trans-SOFFAs -- "For SOFFAs or Significant Others, Friends, Family of FTMs. FtMs and other transfolk welcome. Object is support, friendship, and the open exchange of information."

FTMmetoidioplasty -- "We welcome all FTMs who are seriously considering metoidioplasty surgery as well as those who have completed a metoidioplasty."

FtMs_in_College -- "Support and information exchange for FtMs/transmen currently attending, or planning to attend, university or college, at any campus, anywhere."

FTM_Personals -- "A web site created by and for FTMs and their admirers. Placing an ad is free. Responding to ads is free. No wading through irrelevant non-ftm-related ads. No figuring out how to find ftm-seekers and ftms. That's all we have here!"

ftmsurgeryinfo -- "An extensive resource for info, photos, research regarding surgery options for Female-to-Male transgendered persons."

ftmsurgerysupport -- "...an affinity group to the FTM Surgery Info group...support and open discussion of emotional, physical, psychological and financial issues facing FtM (Female to Male) transgendered/transsexual/transman/ftm/masculine-identified/questioning individuals who are considering, undergoing, or have completed any FTM surgery."

str8menftmpartner -- "This group is for straight or straightish non-trans male partners of FTMs, trans men, FTV/FCDs, and malewards-vectored genderqueer folk. This group is designed to fill a gap in support for the partners of transfolk and to be comfortable for straight non-trans guys to talk about how their partners' gender identities and expressions affect them."

tpocx -- "The purpose is to allow for people of color of trans experience the opportunity to discuss in a supportive environment the many issues we face and to build community."

Trans_Legal -- "This is a place for transgendered and transsexual people, as well as their Significant Others, Friends, Family and Allies (SOFFAs) and anyone else pro-trans (especially with legal knowledge!) to gather and discuss the legal aspects of their lives and transitions."

trans_global -- "The main focus of this groups is the advocacy and support for transsexual people around the world."

Transgender_Michigan -- "...dedicated to improving the lives of transgender individuals in Michigan.."

transgendercommunity -- Washington DC transgender community

Transmen -- "This is a Support group for transmen, FtM, female to male identified and the So's that love them."

Transplan -- "...a group for trans (MTF and FTM), partners and allies to discuss aspects of financial planning. This listgroup is a judgment free zone to learn and share resources having to do with finances...whether one is saving for surgeries, wanting to repair their credit, invest for the future, construct a will, figure out the best deal on a car, or get into some complex investing."