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This section is in response to the vast number of questions I receive via email. I have compiled the most common questions with my answers in hopes that you can find out what you are wondering. My answers reflect my own experience and opinions and are not meant to speak for the entire trans community as a whole. Feel free to browse this section with the headings, or you can search for key words that may appear anywhere on the domain ftmtransition.com, including in this section. In some cases, one question may fit into more than one category; in those cases the same question/answer is located in both categories.

If after searching for the topic you are looking for still can't find the answer to your question, feel free to submit a question. I likely will add the question (anonymously) with my answer in this FAQ section so that others may also benefit from the answer.

I always welcome comments and corrections on information presented here or other places on this site. If you feel a correction needs to be made or have more recent information, please let me know.