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Due to the sensitive nature of photos of bottom surgery results, I haven't decided in what form I will post them here. For now, I have posted non-graphic photos of our trip and my surgery experience. Regardless of if I post my results here on my website or not, I will definitely post photos of my surgery results on the FTMmetoidioplasty Yahoo Group. In addition, there are many pre-, intra-, and post-op photographs of the same procedure I had on my surgeon's (Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic) website, which look very similar to my results.

Click on any photo to view a larger version.

Belgrade Apartment - First Floor
Kitchen, dining area, living area, half bathroom

Belgrade Apartment - Second Floor
Bedroom and full bathroom

Belgrade Apartment - Third Floor
Single bed, double bed, and half bathroom

Surgery Clinic

1 Day Pre-op
Physical exam from the anesthesiologist; out to lunch

Surgery Day
waiting in the room; right after surgery

1 Day Post-op
Getting up for the first time; eating; bandage changing

3 Days Post-op
Bandage changing with the nurse; doing the guy thing; finally feeling better

4 Days Post-op
First time wearing underwear; donuts; getting ready to go home; last IV being removed; sleeping on the couch

9 Days Post-op
Stint removal; posing with the doctor

10 Days Post-op
Out to lunch; Molly and me; Kalemegden fortress

29 Days Post-op
Before the VCUG; preparing the VCUG; during the VCUG; VCUG image; waiting for the doctor; during the ultrasound

66 Days Post-op
Before the second VCUG; during the second VCUG

3 Months Post-op
Before the third VCUG; during the third VCUG; waiting for suprapubic catheter removal
suprapubic catheter removal; suprapubic catheter removal; end of suprapubic catheter that was inside the bladder

6 Months Post-op
Drawing by my urologist describing the revision surgery
(no good images were taken during the Retrograde Urethrogram/Fistulogram)

8.5 Months Post-op : Day of Revision
Pre-op holding area sign; waiting to be rolled into surgery; directly after surgery

8.5 Months Post-op : 1 Day Post-revision
In bed at the hospital; checking out my bandages in the hospital; bandage and drain on my left leg

8.5 Months Post-op : 2 Days Post-revision
Incision on my left leg with drain

9 Months Post-op : 10 Days Post-revision
Scar on my left leg

10 Months Post-op : 38 Days Post-revision
Scar on my left leg

1 Year Post-op : 5.5 Months Post-revision
Scar on my left leg