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When I first started to make this site, I wasn't sure if I should put this category in. Then I decided, "If I'm going to go out on a limb and finally tell the whole truth, then I'd might as well put all the truths out there." So here it is. This is probably the most "radical" thing I have ever done, just because it is not accepted in society at all and people normally attribute it to a mental illness.

The first time I experimented with scarification was in Fall 1998. This was the beginning of my bodyart. If I had to attribute it to anything, I think I was just bored. I had already been thinking about tattoos for a few years, but I was underage to get one, and I could never go behind my family's back to do it anyway. Scarification was the easiest, and safest, way to begin my bodyart.

The first design I did has faded so much, even I can't see it anymore. It was a very small inverted triange near my pelvis, on the right. The second design, which can still be seen a bit, probably because i did it more than once, is a labrys, also near my pelvis, in the middle. The third and last design was done for me by a friend. It is of double women symbols on my lower back. Now that I'm transitioning to male, I think a lot of people wonder if I regret doing this, especially the last design. But honestly, I don't. I really like having it, because it shows where I've been and what I've done with my life. Perhaps it is the very permance of it I enjoy.

Here are some pictures of the designs. The first ones are the actual pictures while the second ones are the pictures with a line drawn over them to show where the scar is. Sorry about the crappy drawings. My hand isn't as steady as it used to be. The actual scar looks a lot better in person.

Click on the thumbnails to view the larger version in a new window.