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Piercing used to be my major form of bodyart. At the height of my piercing frenzie, I had a total of 19 piercings. Many of the piercings were in my ears, but I also had two eyebrow rings, one tongue piercing, and two lip rings. I had my hood pierced for a couple of months, but I took it out because, for me, it was more of a problem than a pleasure. I had my left eyebrow pierced for a couple of months, it rejected (see scar below), and then I got it repierced. If it had healed the second time around, I was going to change it to a double-ended spike, but it never did heal quite right, probably because of the scar tissue from the first rejected eyebrow piercing. The following pictures were taken during the height of my piercing frenzie:

Click the thumbnail pictures below to view the larger version in a new window.

right ear right ear close up left ear
lip rings tongue
eyebrow eyebrow scar

Since these pictures were taken, I have taken out the left eyebrow ring, two lip rings, and one inner piercing from each ear. I had spacers in the remaining ones for a while because I had surgery and was working a retail job. However, I did get my lip re-pierced just on the left, because I missed having it so much, which I eventually removed due to another surgery and being in professional school.