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Anyone who gets into bodyart should be extremely careful how and where they get it done. A professional piercing/tattoo shop should be clean and have regular hours of business. When you visit for the first time they should offer to show you their license and registration forms, and if they don't, you should ask to see them. Also, if they don't mention it (which they should), ask about how they test for spores. If they are a top notch place, they should participate in a yearly spore-testing program with an offical health company or university. If they are unwilling to accomodate these requests, go elsewhere.

Perhaps the most important subject to bring up is needle disposal. A clean, new needle should always be used. Make sure they open and destroy or dispose of the used needle in front of you. Again, if they are unwilling to comply, go somewhere else.

I have gotten all (but the first one) of my piercings and my tattoos at Yankee Tattoo in Burlington, VT. If you live in the area, I highly advise you go to them. Here are some tips on how to take care of your bodyart, compliments of Yankee Tattoo -- (802) 862-3328.