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This site has evolved into an expression of my life, where I've been, where I am, and where I may one day hope to go. I have tried to eliminate all the "junk" and broken links and include only what I feel is most dear to my heart. Some of my ideas and pictures on this site have never been displayed before. Before you judge me based on the titles to the left, please take the time to read each section, carefully. A lot of thought and time has been put into my life decisions, and that is reflected in this site.

I chose the domain ftmtransition.com because I have been told that is the most valuable part of my website. I considered making it only a transition site, getting rid of all of the other areas. However, some people have told me they think the other aspects are worth keeping, because it helps you get to know me, making everything more personal. To incorporate these ideas, I have included a little blurb about how how each section has affected my transition or vice versa.

My life has changed dramatically in the past 10+ years. The very fact that I am publishing this page means that I have become comfortable and accepting of who I am. I ask you to do the same, for me and for yourself.

I now have a Donate section, not to support my transition, but rather to off-set the costs of hosting this website to ensure its availability to others in the future.

Feel free to let me know what you think.

Please be advised that all documents, photographs, images, and original writing on the domain www.ftmtransition.com are the property of the website owner, except where noted, and are protected under copyright. Permission is required to copy, download, or reproduce any text, photographs, or image files. Any person using this website's content in an unauthorized way will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
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